It all started by accident.
Through a completely different context.

The context brought me to this film.
and I chose to make film, always with the same goal… fixed!

Now, it’s natural, my way of life.
And I love it. P.S: I also love coffee…too much!
This is just the beginning. Are you ready?

My name is Florin Tircea, I am an event videographer from Constanta and I transpose into images the emotion of important events in people’s lives, their feelings, the looks full of love and enthusiasm, the moments full of positive vibes, all together forming a real story that they will watch for years with the same emotion from the day of the event.

My motivation is your contentment and the twinkle in your eyes, the smiles and the surprised reactions, confirm to me that the path I have chosen is the right one.

Unique wedding films
awarded nationally and internationally by the most passionate jurors.


Why choose a cinematic film?
What are the advantages and why do I recommend it?

Because a cinematic film is
original, dynamic, keeps you focused and most importantly…
it doesn’t bore you.

I’m sure that you also watched 3-5 hours of classic wedding film
and fell asleep or maybe you skipped it.

The cinematic wedding film is the film that keeps you focused on the action.
It can be chronological or non-chronological, with high points and quiet moments.

Just like watching a movie in the cinema.

How would it be if your wedding turned into a film in cinema?
Click on the link below to see how a film in cinematic style looks like and let’s create the best moments of your event.


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